How you can help

Want to help us help cats in Bensonhurst?  Donate items we use throughout the TNVR process.  We are always thankful for anything sent our way.

We are currently applying for 501(c)(3) status; once it is official we will add a donate button for those who prefer to send money rather than items.

To view our Amazon gift registry click here

The nice thing about the Amazon wish list is you can mail the items directly to us.  It is already set up with our mailing address and the items we need.  We try our best to make it easy for you to help us help kitties. All you have to do is put the items in your virtual shopping cart and check out!

If you would rather skip Amazon and send us items on our list another way you can use the following address:

Cats Great & Small
c/o Sarah Hollars
250 44th Street Unit 214
Brooklyn NY 11232

Disposable underpads 23×36″ to line cages

91jvKUv4XIL._SX522_Paper towels are always helpful!

919oMeYQb2L._SX522_Nitrile gloves to keep us and the kitties safe while we change their “diapers”

Royal Canin BabyCat Instinctive dry & wet- all of the kittens we catch are malnourished, filled with worms, covered in fleas, and under four months.  This is the best food we have found for the kittens we catch, they always love it and it provides the high quality nutrition needed to get them back on track and healthy.


Wet cat food, any brand or type!  We like to treat the cats while they are waiting for, and recovering from, surgery.

54eb9f84a23c2_-_canned-tuna-fish-xlTuna in oil makes great bait for our traps.  We can always use an extra can of any kind of smelly fish in oil.


We take sanitation between trappings and kittens seriously.  Each trapping, even if it is just one cat, means we use at least one 3.78 quart of bleach to get the trap clean and safe for the next cat we catch.  Needles to say we have been blowing through the bleach this year!

Cats have to go to the bathroom!  We are always happy to have any kind of cat litter.  Yesterday’s News by Purina is great for our feral cats waiting for their appointments and kittens who are too young to safely be around clumping litter.  The Fresh Step and Frisco litters are great for our older kittens who are waiting for their forever homes.