TNR Requests

We are currently unable to accept any TNR Requests  

Please check back later

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You too can do your very own TNR project!

Before asking for help please consider taking a TNR course through Neighborhood Cats or the Mayors Alliance for NYC’s Animals which will allow you to check out equipment (free) and book Spay/Neuter appointments (also free!). 

Our focus is to help those who are unable to do TNR for physical, mental, and/or financial reasons.  Priority is given to veterans, seniors, and colonies in our target areas.

We ask for a donation of $50 per cat and/or kitten trapped during the TNR process.  These funds go directly to cat food, bait, gas, equipment, and medical expenses that are part of each TNR project.*

TNR stands for: Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Return.  All cats will be sterilized, vaccinated (FVRCP & Rabies), ear tipped for identification purposes, and returned to the colony site at which they were trapped once recovered from surgery.

At the request of the caretaker we try to help socialize and place kittens and friendlies into various adoption programs throughout the city; however, it is not always possible due to budget and space limits.

A site visit is required prior to any and all trapping.

Please be aware during peek season (a.k.a kitten season–June-September) we may have a backlog of requests that prevent us from addressing your colony right away.  Your patience is appreciated.

Before submitting your request please be aware we DO NOT:

  • Relocate Community Cats and/or colonies
  • Take in or help find homes for owner surrender cats
  • Trap kittens without getting the mother sterilized
  • Separate kittens from their mother before they are able to eat on their own
  • Socialize/find homes for feral cats over 8 weeks old
  • Return cats to a colony site without an eartip



*costs add up quickly–$70 per trap, $2.75 per can of tuna used for bait, $10 for gas to and from clinic, $5 for gas to and from colony site for trapping, $12 per cat for food and wee wee pads used during the holding and recovery time before and after surgery; kittens add up even quicker as they need much more medical attention during the time between trapping and getting them into an adoption program including, but not limited to flea treatment ($15), dewormer ($10), vaccinations ($25+), combo test FiV/FeLV ($25), and food ($30+ depending upon how long the kitten takes to socialize), litter ($20+), toys ($5), baby food used for socialization ($15).