Needless to say Sarah and Vlad adore animals.  Sarah hails from rural Lakeview, Oregon while Vlad comes from the lovely Riga, Latvia.  After being lucky enough to have found each other in busy New York City Vlad and Sarah wanted to share their home with some four legged fur balls.  Having adopted the loves of their lives, three tiny dogs (Maybe, Penny, and Sabrina) and two mushable cats (Marsha and LeBron), Sarah and Vlad felt they could still do more.  A sad conversation with a neighbor regarding a local cat getting pregnant yet again led them to decide it was a time to try to help.

Taking a TNR (Trap-Neuter/Spay+Vaccinate-Return) workshop via the NYC Mayors Alliance for Animals Sarah and Vlad were ready to check out their first trap from the ASPCA trap bank and catch the mother cat, Sassy, along with her three, eight week old kittens who were residing in the steeply pitched roof of a neighbors shop.  It was quite scary at first, wondering if the cat would actually go into the trap or if they would be left empty handed.   Soon they found it was possible with patience and a bit of sneak to catch a cat and change its life forever.  Vlad and Sarah discovered they very much enjoyed helping the Community Cats that would otherwise be left to survive from heat cycle to heat cycle.

Now the two are picking their way through the Bensonhurst area trying to help as many Community Cats as time and traps will allow.  Throughout this process they are getting to know their very interesting neighbors and learning so much more about the place they call home.

This website is meant to give others thinking about starting a TNR project in their neighborhood a better idea of what to expect; provide a platform for our Bensonhurst neighbors who are unable to handle a TNR project of their own a way to reach out for help from a fellow neighbor; and inspire more people to help these amazingly fragile creatures we love so much.

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