Show me your kitties!

I never completely finished a colony last summer, one calico female was left to be ear tipped so I arranged a time with the caretaker to revisit the site and see if we couldn’t make a plan to catch the lady.  While on site I saw an orange boy sporting his fancy ear tip and some of the ladies I had helped.  They all looked so fat and happy.  If I hadn’t TNRed them myself I would have thought they were pregnant!


On the way home I took a different rout and saw way too many cats that need to be TNRed!

I left my card by the feeding stations, but didn’t hold out much hope for a call back.  I know people are distrustful of people who say they are going to help cats in this area.  They fear the worst and I have a feeling they have good reasons for their fears.  I will try to start walking the dogs this way and hopefully run into a caretaker.  If not, I will just be the invisible person who will never be known to these people, but who will make a tremendous impact on the lives of the cats they care so deeply for.  Either way is fine with me!