Kitten season begins

A woman I met at the TNR workshop lived near me and needed help with a cat.  Apparently the cat had two kittens and before the woman could get certified and check out the traps from Neighborhood cats, the kittens had been hit by a car.  The mother was still around the are and the woman was quite overwhelmed as it would be her first trapping.  I offered to step in and help and the next day we did a site visit.  The moment we got there and the woman started talking the cat came running ready for food.  I could tell she had a large belly and was most likely pregnant.  We made plans to meet the next day and trap her and then find a place to get her fixed ASAP.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.17.48 PM

The woman picked me up the next day and we drove to the site.  I barely started getting the trap set up before the cat was there waiting for me.  The crazy thing is we set up down the block from the feeding site so we wouldn’t bother the cat, apparently this was a wast of time in the cat’s opinion.  I barely got the trap set and baited and had stepped back before the cat was making her way into the trap.Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.16.01 PMWe called the vet’s office to make an appointment and it was all set for the next day.  We decided to give Faithful Friends Animal Clinic a try as a low cost spay/neuter clinic close to us rather than trying to overbook at the ASPCA.  I prefer Glendale, but I couldn’t get off work in time to pick the cat up, I was worried that she was heavily pregnant and didn’t want to waste any time, and the caretaker was okay with paying the $80 it cost to fix the cat so I was okay with it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.46.03 PMThe woman and I loaded the cat into the car and took her to my holding site where the cat we named Susan would wait for her appointment the following day.  Everything went well, it was a bit different than I am used to.  I have to be honest I missed the Glendale crew and the drama that comes with being around a whole bunch of trappers picking up animals at the same time.  Susan recovered well and was released back to her home area four days later after she had fully recovered.

A few days later I got a text/call from the caretaker.  There was another cat living where Susan had been living and it looked fat, possibly pregnant.  I went through with the caretaker how to trap on their own and waited to hear back.  The cat went near the trap, but not in, could I come help?


After work one day I met up with the caretaker and we went to investigate the situation.  We found a cat where Susan had been living, but didn’t want to bother the people who owned the house so we set up a trap near the church across the street and walked around a bit trying to look like we weren’t trying to catch another cat.  We snooped around the block and decided to look at what was happening between the blocks.  A long drive runs through the two rows of houses on either side of two blocks.  As we walked down this driveway/parking lot cats came out to greet us.  All ear tipped, plump, and cared for from what I could tell.  Susan most likely came from this colony and missed the TNR boat.


After checking out this colony we went back to check our trap.  Nothing.  We went to check Susan’s spot, there was a cat there.  The cat was not a new pregnant one, it was in fact Susan herself.  She must have thought her caretaker was being quite strange to try to get her back into a trap when she just got out of one!  It was a good reminder for me to always ask, “are you sure?”  From there I left Susan and her caretaker to get to know each other a bit better and to settle into a feeding routine that works for both.