Updates on Midnight Dracula and friends

Midnight Dracula


Hi Sarah,

I’m so sorry for the delay! Thank you for checking up. We are all doing very well! It is so crazy how fast Midnight Dracula grew– he is huge now! He lives in a very big house with lots of art stuff so I think he is enjoying exploring every nook and cranny. He’s also turned out be very vocal when he needs something, purrs like a submarine when you give him belly-rubs, and spends most of his time pulling towels down from hooks and climbing into the ficus plant. So he’s definitely a mischievous one– but thats how we like it. He likes to sleep on various piles of papers that he finds all over. To be honest, he’s extremely difficult to get a hold of, and therefore its been very hard to get good photos of him. He’s still kitten-level jumpy. So I apologize for the quality of the photos, but attached is what I’ve been able to compile over the past four days 🙂
Hope you are doing well!

(A picture from when we first caught MD)




Hi he’s doing well sitting here with me.  He cuddles and sleeps with me, my fiance has the photo.  He’s so silly he tries to drink juice sometimes, but he loves playing with his big brother.  My other cat hides from him sometimes because he’s too tired to play.  His favorite toy is a purple kitten toy.

(before Yogi went to his forever home he is the spotted nose back right) 


Borris (now Twinkie)

Twinkie had some health problems at the end of 2017 and her owner was very worried about her.  Luckily the vet was able to figure out it was allergies and Twinkie is now doing much better!  Her owner dotes on her and we are so thankful Twinkie found such a good home!

(before Twinkie became Twinkie!)