Starting over again

We had almost reached a year of being involved in TNR and I had been building a bigger community on Instagram.  I posted a photo of some traps with trap covers I made myself and a few of the other TNR friends I had online really liked them and asked for the pattern.  It was rather fun to focus on something that wasn’t exactly necessary for TNR, but made the process more enjoyable.

Trap Cover Instructions

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 11.23.47 PM

I got a little excited and posted the directions to the NYC TNR listserve, but didn’t hear back from anyone.  The next day I found a very kind email from Meredith at Neighborhood Cats letting me know she had seen my post on the listserve and was wondering if I might want to show my trap covers at the TNR workshop they were hosting that weekend right near my house.  I said of course I would love to and was very flattered by the invitation.  I also took it as an opportunity to learn about TNR from a new group.  My first certification workshop was with the Mayors Alliance and I wanted to see how Neighborhood Cats did things.

I really enjoyed the workshop and was thrilled to meet the famous Lois and Meredith!  Lois had talked me through trapping Oreo, the very pregnant cat who had cysts on both ovaries, and I had never properly thanked her.  I couldn’t tell if everything made so much more sense because I already knew what everything was, or if this was just a more comprehensive workshop.  Either way I was happy to have the refresher and a new voice in my head TNR wise.

During the workshop I was introduced to a woman living in Bay Ridge, very close to myself who needed help.  She spoke Russian first, which I knew Vlad would be an asset with, and she had a pregnant cat she had been feeding.  We made plans to meet the next day for a site visit.  That next day I got to see a very pregnant cat and that old feeling of fear and hope crept in.  I hoped ever so much that we could catch the cat before it was time, and I was very fearful that we wouldn’t be able to do it and the worst would happen.  Tomorrow we plan to meet up and try to trap her and get her into a local vet who works with Ferals.  Wish us luck!