Sunday September 17th, 2017

On Monday we found out Roo and Choo Choo had finally made it off the waiting list for the ASPCA!  We made an appointment to bring them in on Wednesday while the reality began to set in.  Choo Choo and Roo had been with us for over a month under Vlad’s care while for a large part of the time while I was in Oregon.  I was happy to send Choo Choo off (her sister, Boris, and brother Yogi had both been adopted the week prior), but Roo was very hard to let go of.  She was such a kind soul and had come so far since we originally took her in.  While she was not 100% and still had a bit of a cold, she was in much better condition from when we originally met.  I can only hope that someone loves her as much as I do and spoils her rotten.

A few days after I dropped Roo off on the new leg of her journey I went to our neighbors house to pick up Simba and her cubs.  Simba was a stray that adopted a couple in the apartment building near where Tiny was caught.  When I originally came into Simba’s life, on my mission to catch the cats on her block, she was days away from giving birth.  The caretaker opted to have her give birth and then get her fixed.  When I went to pick her and the kittens up I was met with the awful condition of the kittens.  The kitten we named Pizza Steve had been dealing with an eye condition for far too long and seemed to be on the verge of going blind/rupturing his eye.  We reached out to the ASPCA and were lucky enough to be admitted right away due to medical conditions, usually they do not accept kittens older than seven weeks so quickly.  It was difficult to discuss the situation with the caretaker, they did not seem to realize the seriousness of the kitten’s condition and had been washing the eyes with warm water for weeks rather than taking it to the vet.  I had to explain that the kittens either needed to see a vet right away and they would have to pay for it knowing it could be rather expensive, or they could take them to the ASPCA, but they would have to relinquish them.  It was very difficult for me to explain this and to have it understood as the caretaker wanted to keep the kittens and didn’t understand why the they couldn’t go to the ASPCA and come back.  In all truth the kittens were not safe in that environment and I felt it was important to get them to a safe place where they could be seen by a medical professional.  When I took them to the ASPCA that  Pizza Steve whet directly

The very next morning we got a frantic text from the caretaker of the colony where Full Dark was recently trapped.  Apparently someone had left a four week old kitten in their garden.  The kitten was dropped off in a shoebox with a empty plastic fruit cup full of milk.  We once again rushed off to Manhattan to the ASPCA, this time we didn’t need an appointment as Jean-Ralphio was under seven weeks and could be admitted right away to the kitten nursary.


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.14.16 PM

Needless to say at this point I was a bit tired of traveling into Manhattan with a cat carrier between my legs.  For some reason on the trip there no one ever paid much attention to me, but on the trip home kids were always peeking into the empty carrier with big smiles on their faces.  I can only hope I didn’t wear out my welcome at the ASPCA.