Monday October 2nd, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 5.30.19 PM
Last night Banana just didn’t seem right, she was working to breath and wasn’t the playful girl we had known before her surgery.  This morning we took her to our trusted vet’s office Bensonhurst Veterinary Care where she was looked over and given x-rays.  The x-rays indicated pneumonia possibly from aspirating during her surgery.  They recommended an emergency room for 24 hour surveillance and oxygen along with more.  Knowing the ASPCA had helped us out in the past and was the place where we wanted the kittens to be adopted out at anyway I took the long train up to 92nd Street and hoped they would take at least Banana.


Things got a little confusing as I ended up at the Animal Hospital on the second floor, usually reserved only for people with pets, not people bringing in strays.  Luckily the staff figured it out and accepted Banana anyway, since it was a semi emergency.  They got her into triage and on oxygen quickly after hearing Bensonhurst Veterinary Clinics recommendations.  After dropping Banana off in the hospital Pollito and I went down stairs to the lobby to wait for admissions.  They had space for Pollito and he passed his behavior test with flying colors, the evaluator actually came out with toy and kitten in hand clearly enjoying what a sweetheart Pollito can be.  Before long they were showing off his baseball mitts to a group of donors passing by.


I left the ASPCA with an empty carrier, and a much lighter heart.  I start to worry so much about the kittens when they get sick, and they get sick a lot.