Tuesday July 25, 2017

It has been a rather busy week.  The cat I had been trying to catch near the check cashing place at the end of the block avoided me at all costs.  Every time I set a trap she would fail to come around and I began to think I would never get her.  I set two traps, stepped as far back as possible and waited.  When I came to check them there was a cat in the back one.  Thinking I had finally caught her I lifted the trap cover only to discover it was a previously caught cat, the ear was clipped.


Letting the silly cat go, I tried one more time to catch this cat and of course failed.  Talking with the caretaker he said he would just put it in the dog carrier he had rescued from the neighbors trash and would call me when she was ready.  Not 30 minutes later did he have me come pick her up.

Sadly when we took this lovely lady I named Roo to get fixed she was too sick to have the surgery.  I was heart sick to let her back onto the street as she was very friendly and loved to be pet.  Luckily I had run into the founder of Brooklyn Animal Action during a TNR appointment and was able to ask her advice on how to deal with “friendlies”.  She was so, so, kind and said I could act as a foster and she would help get the cat checked out by a vet and ready for adoption through her group.  I don’t know what I would have done without her help and I am so thankful!

While walking my dogs this morning my neighbor asked me to come see something in her back yard.  There were four kittens piled up in the bushes hiding.  I waited until dusk and set up my drop trap.

One kitten was fast to the food, the second a bit slower, and the last two very slow.  The first one was full by the time the other two arrived, but I have heard it is more important to catch the shy ones before catching the brave ones so I waited.  I was able to catch three of them, but alas my trap became un-level when I set up to transfer them into the trap and the second one escaped.  I can only hope that she is hungry enough to come back.  I keep learning things about trapping, what not to do mostly, and I really hope my mistakes don’t cause this cat to live on the street for its short two year life expectancy that most feral cats face.  As I was packing up the mom came by and it is Betsy the little black and white cat I caught on 83rd street who had to be let go early as she was lactating.  I can’t believe I actually found her kittens and at least two of them don’t have to live on the street for the rest of their lives.  It was so nice to be able to tell the person who let me to the kittens that we didn’t have to worry about the mom as she is already fixed!