Sunday July 9th, 2017

I have been trying on and off for the past few days to catch the two remaining kittens from Midnight Dracula’s family.  I started slipping a can of food under the van that is parked in the driveway hoping to tempt one or both of them to the area so I could have a better chance of trapping them.  Sunday morning I let Bumble Bee go, he was so thrilled to get away from me, and set Jack the grey guy off to be himself again.  It is always nice to see how much the settle down when they smell their street and their home.  Hoping to lure the kittens out I set up my drop trap in the driveway further over and waited.  Next to the drop trap I set the mom in her cage to try to lure the kittens back out.

No one came so I tried playing cat mewing sounds on my phone, laugh but it worked on the roof kittens.  Suddenly I noticed the grey and white girl under the car in the drive way.  She sat there for a bit then crawled up into the frame of the car and was no longer visible.  The owner had to go on an errand and started the car shortly after, sending the kitten shooting under the van.  She did not come out for the rest of the morning and I packed up and went home to recuperate.

Nine-thirty that night I got a text with this picture from the caretakers:


She had licked the can I left clean and was eating some of the left over bait I had thrown around the drop trap trying to tempt her in.  I got ready and walked over to the house, set up my drop trap and waited with the caretaker and I talked for a while.  In the middle of a sentence she darted out from under a different car to the van.  We relocated across the street to give her space and a bit later I yanked the line of the trap catching her!  Tuna was the real key this time.

She seems to be much calmer than Midnight who still flinches a bit when I pet him.  We are thinking of names for her at the moment.


. . . meanwhile Midnight was relaxing to the max


One more to catch from that group, a little brown one I have only heard of and never seen.  A neighbor told me he saw kittens bouncing around across the street, I think they might be Betsy’s kittens out to join the world.  I also think I might have found where the Kitten Boy’s kittens relocated when they didn’t get enough food from them and will try to get permission to attempt trapping them later on in the week.

On one of my recent scouting trips we, my dogs and I, met an older gentleman who helps care of a large apartment building at the very end of our walk near a check cashing place.  He feeds a sweet grey and white tabby and I have seen him a couple of times, but never got the nerve to talk to him.  Often when I walk by he is talking to the cat and I can tell he cares for her very much.  Today I talked to him and asked if it would be okay to get her fixed.  After explaining everything to him he agreed and we plan to meet again in the next few days so I can catch her and get her fixed and vaccinated.  It seems from what I can tell the few houses near by have fixed all of the cats they feed, but this lady has joined them and hasn’t been updated with a TNR as of yet.