Wednesday July 5th, 2017

i-44f83f38aead7021168b6f1e7ee75773-KFC cat

Vlad and I made a special trip to Popeyes last night to buy fried chicken.  From what I have read it is the gold standard for cat bait and I have exhausted all my other bait ideas on the mommy cat.  At 5:30am I set up my drop trap in the driveway, ran my string across the road and took a seat on a ledge to sip my coffee and watch.


While I am sitting there Tiny came to watch, and sit, and wait with me.


The mom finally went to the trap and couldn’t resist the fried chicken as promised.  She was pretty upset that she fell for my evil trick, but I promised her she would come back home when it was all over and she wouldn’t have to worry about extra mouths to feed any longer.  I set the trap again to try to catch the two remaining kittens, but no luck.


In the evening I came back to the block and saw the teenaged black cat digging through the trash at the end of the block.  I set up a normal trap with tuna, sardines, cat food, and reheated fried chicken to try to get him.  Every time he got close someone walked by and I was starting to get frustrated so I went and set up my drop trap right next to the normal trap.  It took him a bit, but he finally went under the drop trap and I caught him.  I called him Bumble Bee because he was very wound up like a bumble bee caught in a window.  He definitely had a great deal of energy.  I was so happy to have caught him as I would now meet the number of appointments I had and was set to go for the next morning.