Thursday July 6th

We took the cats to a new place to get fixed today, the Dyker Heights golf course ASPCA two day transport.  A large ASPCA truck is parked in the parking lot of the golf course and trappers check in their cats with tags, forms, and zip ties to both ends of the traps.  They take the cats to be seen at the Manhattan ASPCA and the next day everyone picks their cats at 11am.  It was nice because it was so close to our house and I met some really fun women, Donna and Kathy, associated with Brooklyn Animal Action; I missed the staff at the Glendale and the details noted on each cat’s form.  The forms from the Manhattan clinic were, well, clinical and short.  The Glendale clinic will date the cats, give notes on anything funny, and then the vet tech will walk you through everything when you come to pick up the cats.  At Glendale they are just very detailed in a forensic way that I enjoy while Manhattan was more matter of fact and get it done.

The cats were all doing well and we set them back up at home to recover and eat.  I made new trap covers because my original five were starting to look very worn and there is always a chance a cat might have an “accident” that spills onto the cover and needs to be changed.  I had bought some cheep full sized sheets from a dollar store and started ripping the fabric into the right sizes.  I was able to get about four covers out of a flat sheet and two to three out of a fitted.

In the evening I went back to try to catch the kittens again, but still no luck.