Tuesday July 4th, 2017


IMG_2948I checked out a drop trap from the ASPCA the other day and am excited to use it!  I tried the trap out in the morning hoping to catch the mother cat.  I wasn’t sure I could get her that evening what with the fireworks that would surly be going off and scaring them all into their hiding places.  It was kind of awkward to set up at first, there were many hooks I guessed went here and there.  In the end I did get it together nicely and practiced a few times yanking the sting.  I walked over to the neighbors house saw the mommy cat sauntering down the side walk.  She took one look at me and jumped over the neighbors fence.  As quietly as possible I set up the drop trap with the string crossing the street.  Crouched on a small ledge with a hot travel mug full of coffee I waited.

The whole process was very strange.  A lot of people walked by with their phones to their noses not even noticing me, while others would look down at the string and follow it with their eyes to where I sat, look at me, then look back at the trap in startled confusion.  An hour or two into waiting a grey male cat walked into the trap, nibbled on the reheated chicken tenders I had picked from the grocery store, and walked away.  I was kicking myself for not getting him thinking he wouldn’t be back.  The mom never came back that day, but they grey guy did and the second time he settled in for a good meal.  I pulled the string, looked both ways for cars, and ran across to cover the trap with a tarp.  The videos of drop traps show the cat nearly popping out of the trap and the catchers desperately holding it down with their feet.  It wasn’t so bad, but the little guy did get a tiny bit of a cut on his nose from banging against the trap.  After a bit of coaxing I was able to siphon him off into a normal trap, cover him, and reset the drop trap.  The little lady didn’t come back that day, but I was happy to have at least one cat for my appointment on Thursday.