Sunday July 2nd, 2017

Midnight Dracula learning what it means to have a home . . it means plenty of places to get into trouble 🙂

Today we released Betsy back to her colony so she can feed her kittens wherever they may be.  It is really hard on me to not know where they are, it feels like there is a seriously large clock in the background counting down the time before they are too old and will remain on the streets forever, or will die due to some unavoidable peril (other cats, cars, disease, hunger, etc).  But as my sister said to me “you can’t save every kitten” so I try to let it go and move on to the next goal . . . catch the remaining mommy and her two kittens.

I spoke with the caretaker this evening and he saw the mommy all day yesterday begging for food, his partner saw the two kittens on Friday night so I still have a chance.  After letting Betsy go today I set up a trap under the tree in the caretaker’s front area, left the trap open, and put a lot of food in the back.  If I can’t win her with patience I am going to win her with food!

While letting Betsy go I had quite the audience, two kids from the block had a great time watching me release her.  I asked them to keep an eye out for her kittens and they, very seriously, said they would do just that.  I like when kids see what I am doing because I think it gives them an opportunity to better understand how they too can care for animals in a city space.  Plus I think it is good for them to see someone caring for the cats, so maybe they will think about being nice to them when they see them walking around or even feeing them.  Plus what kid wouldn’t love a lady walking around with cats in cages?  It’s a very good story to bring back to friends and parents alike.

Betsy returns to her home!