Saturday July 1st, 2017

Today we took five cats and one kitten to the Glendale ASPCA.  We invested in our own traps recently as it was becoming too much to go back and forth to the trap bank to pick up and drop of traps.  Vlad’s car is smallish so we though five would be a good number, but it looks like we could have fit eight traps if we wanted.  Maybe we will wait until Christmas to get the three extra traps to make our set complete.

This group of cats is a bit messier than the last.  They seem fine with using the bathroom in the traps where as the other group held it for as long as they could before breaking down and going.  One of the cats, we call him Darth Vader has labored breathing and I worried about him the entire time.  It turns out he is nine or ten years old and is missing most of his teeth.  He may have a respiratory infection, but nothing is for sure.  We had to sign a waiver saying we understood it was dangerous for him to get the surgery, but thank goodness he came out alright and is eating like a little piglet at the moment.  Midnight Dracula, Vlad’s name not mine, did well, but was too small for a rabies shot and will need to go back to a vet in three weeks.

I checked out a drop trap and an extra normal trap as I am still trying to catch one more mommy from this colony and two difficult kittens.  Fingers crossed it works out tomorrow as we booked our first “two day transport” appointment for Thursday.  Apparently we will drop the cat off near the golf course near us and pick her up the next day before noon.  It will be interesting to see how that all goes.  The man who takes care of two of the males we caught called today to check in on them, it’s nice to know they have someone who misses and cares for them.